11. července 2017 v 18:37
<font face="ms gothic"><div align="center"><img src="" width="30%" align="right"></img><div class="mods-hh split-70"><div class="mods-column-rr"><hr></div>Claire // 15 y.o. // Dandere<hr><font face="4">Welcome on my page ! This is dA of strange and shy girl with foolish dreams. I'm really asocial girl with psychical problems, but you can write me .. I don't bite :thumb660842939: </font><hr><img src=""></img><hr><da:embed profile="youtube" id="" width="50" height="15"><hr><a href="">link1</a> . <a href="">link2</a> . <a href="">link3</a><hr><a href=""><img src="" title="coding_by_maikasenpai"></img></a>

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